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The wisdom of Presence is inherent in all of us- is what we are- and yet sometimes we have lived experiences which create barriers to this knowing. Receiving unconditional guidance has been an integral part of my sacred journey of waking up, and it is a joy to share that gift with others.


About me...

I am a full-time student of being fully human and am deeply passionate about helping people create happier and more fulfilling lives. Connecting and inter-relating, as we play and navigate in the world, is one of my biggest passions and I consider myself quite fortunate that I spend my days exploring and journeying with people. In my experience, because we are often wounded in our early unhealthy relationships, it is through safe, grounded, and healthy relationships that we can heal. 

I gently, uniquely and safely journey with people using a variety of approaches, including using a modality I created called Matrix Integration. With nearly 20 years of experience with addiction, trauma, and somatic work, I will explore with you – locating and integrating emotional and/or physical blockages and ailments, energetic contractions, limiting beliefs, compulsions/addictions, unhealed wounds/trauma, false identities, and anything that is having a powerful influence on your life that you would like to explore. I am committed to following your lead and providing services that support your unique path. 

I am a Senior Living Inquiries Facilitator and Trainer. I also have a Masters of Social Work, am a level 3 Reiki Master, an Access BARS practitioner, and have studied Myofacial Release, Shamanic Healing, Tantric Kundalini, Death and Dying/Hospice Counseling, Right Relations, attachment theory, DID, Harm Reduction, Implicit Bias, Relational Cultural Therapy, and Couples Therapy with Terrance Real. I have been through various diversity trainings, and am educated in ancestral trauma, trauma as related to marginalized communities (including sex laborers) and sexual, emotional, psychological, narcissistic and ritual assault/abuse.

I am deeply respectful of all, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, criminal history, drug use, sexual orientation. You are important, and appreciated, whoever you are.


A little about more about me…

I was still in graduate school when I realized that what I was being taught wasn’t bringing about enough change with my clients. I was working in a treatment/detox center at the time, on the heels of working at a homeless shelter. The same clients keep coming through the doors. Whatever they were receiving wasn’t enough. 

Based on a hunch, I did some research and found that other practices did indeed exist. These other approaches were almost always experiential in nature, focusing on an individuals’ relationship with life and others, and were successful in reducing drug use and increasing individual well-being. I was excited, and then disappointed as I discovered that they were expensive and not widely available- in other words, extremely under utilized. 

I wanted to contribute to change, but I just wasn’t seeing it with the services that were being offered in my area. I changed my focus and started to explore the bigger, wider picture. As I went outside the micro, and found a large world of macro, I studied policies, program planning, advocacy, evaluation, community organizing, social justice, and cultural theory which helped me get a sense of the systems holding dysfunction and oppression in place. 

As I was learning about the macro, I was experientially learning about my micro. I was living in a small ashram, engaged in a practice that was chakra and energy based. It was here that I learned about the intimate relationship between body, mind, and spirit.

Years later, out of the ashram, I kept being called by others to return to interpersonal work. I always said no, as I already knew that what was out there wasn’t working. But then I started to get curious about what might be possible.

Through divine inspiration, I created a modality called Matrix Integration. I took the things I’d learned in graduate school, combined them with what I’d learned in the ashram, and brought in what I then called a “matrix perspective”. It had become clear to me that a person’s whole somatic and psychic web- including their traumas- was relevant in their road to well being, and I started to practice with that wisdom as a base. 

I shortly found out that there was a word for what I was doing: Embodiment.  

The word was somewhat new back then, but something in me recognized its greatness, and still does today.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to explore together.