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Calling Forth Love

In this 20-minute video we gently call forth your nervous system, while we call forth Love. At times “Love” is used interchangeably with “God”. When you hear these words, substitute the word of your choice- whatever word you feel comfortable to reference that which is greater than your small self. 



This 27 minute rest may be particularly useful for people who have a hard time connecting to their breath


Can we find any peace in our experience?

In this 27 minute guided rest you will be invited to connect with peace, or something that feels okay or neutral. In the first part of the recording you will be guided into connecting with you body. After this there will be the option to explore a sense of peace.  


Being Held

In this 23 minute guided rest from you will be invited to explore being held. The recording is from August 2019

20 Aug 2019