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Now Exercise

Lisa leads us through the N.O.W. tool in a guided rest exercise, practicing opening to and welcoming sensations, thoughts, and images in our experience.


Nervous System

Lisa leads a guided 16 minute rest exploring sensations in the body using awareness of different parts of the body and the breath.

27 Mar 2019

Rest Amidst The Hurricane

Lisa offers a guided rest in which we focus on the breath as a grounding point - the eye of the hurricane that our thoughts, emotions, and experience can sometimes be.   

27 Mar 2019

On The Realities of Awakening

Nearly ten years ago, my life fell apart suddenly and catastrophically. I ceased to be able to function in the outside world, was physically ill and was engulfed by feelings, sensations and memories that—up until then—I’d been successfully avoiding or suppressing. Fortunately, I recognized that this was far more than a nervous breakdown. It was the beginning of a long dark night of the soul. Very early on I realised that, over the years, I had become disconnected from my deeper self. My soul was now calling me home and I was willing (if totally ill-prepared) to heed its call.