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Resting with an agitated mind and nervous system

During this video I will keep bringing you back to simple things of this moment to help ground and stabilize your nervous system. Repeating the video and doing it a few times, or sections a few times, maybe helpful. Listening often also will be helpful in re-wiring your habitual brain patterns. Feel free to push pause at any point while listening/watching. After listening you may be then ready to do some more meditation and/or self inquiry.

10 Apr 2019

Healing the Wounds; Pain Body Parenting

“She wants to trap me.”

“She’s always trying to control me.”

“She’s ruining my life on purpose.”

“She knows that what she’s doing is driving me crazy.”

“Clearly, she’s here to make my life miserable.”



Let’s take a poll. Who do you think “she” is in the above statements?