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Can we find any peace in our experience?

In this 27 minute guided rest you will be invited to connect with peace, or something that feels okay or neutral. In the first part of the recording you will be guided into connecting with you body. After this there will be the option to explore a sense of peace.  


Resting with Trust

In this 26 minuted guided rest you will be first invited to connect with your body and the breath. After 14 minutes you will be invited to connect with Trust. Recorded in 2019

11 Jun 2019

Gathering Rest April

This rest, which spontaneously occurred during a Gathering event, was created for people looking to safety and gently explore and connect with their body in ways they may not have considered. Different options are given throughout the rest recording, allowing the listener to lean into what best resonates for them.

Listeners are invited to “pause” the recording any time they would like more time to be with what has arisen.

11 Apr 2019