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    Calling Forth Love

    In this 20-minute video we gently call forth your nervous system, while we call forth Love. At times “Love” is used interchangeably with “God”. When you hear these words, substitute the word of your choice- whatever word you feel comfortable to reference that which is greater than your small self. 

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    This 27 minute rest may be particularly useful for people who have a hard time connecting to their breath

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    Loving the Beast Inside

    Ya know the wildest thing is that after all the trees I planted,  all the kids I taught,  all the volunteers I’ve organized,  all the people I’ve counseled,  all the money I’ve donated,  all the votes cast,  all the ranting and raving,  all the writing,  all the researching,

    all of it trying to make this world a little less self-destructive,

    The most potent action I’ve found isn’t an action at all.

    It‘s looking at the darkest corners of my being and letting my heart bathe it all in profound acceptance.

    It sounds so cheesy but I swear to god it’s true.

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    Book Launch The Dark Night of the Soul in Amsterdam

    Author Fiona Robertson joins Zahra Achouak in Amsterdam to talk about her new book, The Dark Night of the Soul: A Journey from Absence to Presence. In the beautiful surroundings of the Buurtboerderij, Zahra and Fiona discuss many aspects of the dark night journey, including falling apart, the nature of the persona, the feeling of pain, and discovering the hidden parts of ourselves.

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    Gathering Rest April

    This rest, which spontaneously occurred during a Gathering event, was created for people looking to safety and gently explore and connect with their body in ways they may not have considered. Different options are given throughout the rest recording, allowing the listener to lean into what best resonates for them.

    Listeners are invited to “pause” the recording any time they would like more time to be with what has arisen.

    11 Apr 2019